Broadhead Road is under construction!

Quick head’s up gang - Broadhead Road is currently under construction. Human vs Room will be inaccessible directly from Route 191 (Linden Street) due to the road turning into a one way street from Fritch Drive all the way to 191. However, thanks to the wonderful traffic planners of Bethlehem Township, there are two options to reach our establishment that bypasses this construction:

  • Take Christian Spring Road from Router 191 (Linden Street)

  • Take Route 512 (Center Street/Bath Pike) to Broadhead Road

If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to us by phone or email at 610-419-3744 or info@humanvsroom.com.

Tesla Destination Charging

Tesla Destination Charging

Well well well, lookie what we have here... Is it a telephone booth? A weird contraption to inflate your tires? Outdoor Karaoke?

The answer is no to all of these, but fortunately for all you wonderful Tesla owners out there (and prospective Tesla owners - Model 3 reservation holders, we see you #EVLife) we are incredibly proud to partner with Tesla and embark on Elon Musk's goal to drive the future of sustainable transport.

All current and future Tesla owners will enjoy free destination charging at our facility while they rack their brains trying to escape our rooms. Our stand features two (2) destination chargers that charge up to 48 amps when one car is plugged, or up to 24 amps for two cars. That's roughly 40 miles and 20 miles per hour respectively. Not bad, right?

If you have absolutely no freaking idea what we are talking about head on over to Tesla's own charging page and verse yourself on what's coming at https://www.tesla.com/charging.

Operation 26

When you find out your best friend never actually left the country for his 21 day vacation in Southeast Asia you begin to grow suspicious. You call - nothing. Email - no answer. You decide to track his phone instead. Last location - a plastic surgeon's office right outside of the town you both live. The nurses refuse to give you any information and claim they've never seen your friend, and the police can only file a Missing Person's report. You find that waiting is no longer an option and decide to take matters into your own hands.

You gather a group of friends and decide to break into the plastic surgeon's office. What you discover will shock you.

Two major announcements are coming!

Hello again WORLD.

At Human vs Room, our priority is to offer a great time for friends, families, and coworkers. We not only focus on the quality, challenge, and fun factor of our escape rooms, but we also try our best to deliver best-in-class entertainment and amenities outside of the escape rooms themselves.

We just launched our brand new lobby that helps house upwards of 60 people - perfect for corporate retreats, large parties, and having 60 people within one space staring at each other (some people enjoy that, don't ask me).

In the next few days we will be announcing two super exciting additions to our facility. In true nerd fashion, we have listed a word jumble puzzle to rewards those willing to waste their time figuring this out.

Super exciting news #1


Super exciting news #2


Isn't the suspense exhilirating?

Yes - we love to tease.

As we approach our grand opening we wanted to give an update on our progress and how much longer until you all get to experience the greatest hour of your lives (or less if you and your group are super humans). We're so flipping excited to share all the awesomeness with you, but at the same time, we want to make sure we have all our 't's crossed and our 'i's dotted before we spill all of the beans.

Do you have a location yet?

Yes we do. We are working diligently on a daily basis to make sure everything is up to par. Once it's up and running to our very high standard (and looking nice and pretty) we will share our location with all of you.

When are you opening?

Sometime between today and the end of time (but in reality, very soon). We want to take our time in our room designs to give you the most amazing escape room experience. Also, we want to make sure we have enough coffee for our coffee machine (which all of you will have access to - very important).

When can I book a room?

We expect reservations to open 2-4 weeks before our grand opening, which will line up with the communication of our location and date of opening. Once this happens you and your friends/family/coworkers will be able to pick a room, date, and number of people in your party. We will release an FAQ page as well so that you can be well versed and super prepared for your experience.

What if I don't like to be scared?

None of our rooms will be made to scare anyone. Our primary focus is to make sure you have the best hour of your life, and there's a ton of different themes and concepts we are super excited to share with you. The only fear you may experience is finding one of us that ugly.


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May the 5th be with... ah, crap.

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!