Time-Traveling Jen

The story behind Time-Traveling Jen


A woman's voice emanates from a cracked-open door as it begins to close. "I hope they like some practical pranks, because this one might be my best!"

Jen, an entirely normal human being who happens to have an incredibly rare one-of-a-kind time machine, has a knack for playing practical jokes on her friends. Her latest number involves taking very excited groups of people to the past and promptly leaving them behind in time, much to the overall dissatisfaction of the groups involved. The trick is even more insulting since the time machine is fully accessible from the past, but its door happens to be locked.

Being that Jen isn't an entirely evil person (only partially), she makes the decision to leave clues and puzzles in the past for her unsuspecting "friends". These clues typically lead them to figure out the code to open the time machine door to come back to the present. As you can imagine, she still has "friends" stuck roaming around in the past.

However, this time Jen has made a crucial mistake with your group. She forgot to enable the Time Vortex Disarticulator, which prevents the space-time continuum distortion field from changing the rate of speed of time when traveling to the past. This means that your group is now experiencing time at a rate 1,000,000 times faster than normal.

Given the current rate of technological advancement, your team only has 60 minutes to open the time machine door and make the journey back to the present before the world that you live in becomes a dystopian future ruled by robots.

Can you do it?