The Witch's Lair

Get ready for The Witch's Lair

A 4,000 year old being has been living in a random building in the town of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Her magical powers have allowed her to remain hidden from everyone, but higher Musikfest ticket prices have eaten into her invisibility budget causing her lair to suddenly appear. In a moment of panic, the Witch runs out dressed in plain clothes to work out a deal for her invisibility shield with a local provider.

As luck would have it, you and a group of friends accidently stumble upon the Witch's lair, but are suddenly and magically locked in due to a foreign person being sensed by the room. A spell that will turn you and your team into sandwiches begins to take effect, and you only have 60 minutes in order to escape before you are turned into lunch for the Witch.

Consider bringing some mayo for your potential life as a sandwich.