Tesla Destination Charging

Tesla Destination Charging

Well well well, lookie what we have here... Is it a telephone booth? A weird contraption to inflate your tires? Outdoor Karaoke?

The answer is no to all of these, but fortunately for all you wonderful Tesla owners out there (and prospective Tesla owners - Model 3 reservation holders, we see you #EVLife) we are incredibly proud to partner with Tesla and embark on Elon Musk's goal to drive the future of sustainable transport.

All current and future Tesla owners will enjoy free destination charging at our facility while they rack their brains trying to escape our rooms. Our stand features two (2) destination chargers that charge up to 48 amps when one car is plugged, or up to 24 amps for two cars. That's roughly 40 miles and 20 miles per hour respectively. Not bad, right?

If you have absolutely no freaking idea what we are talking about head on over to Tesla's own charging page and verse yourself on what's coming at https://www.tesla.com/charging.