Now Hiring - Awesome Human

NOW HIRING - Awesome Human(s)


Are you comfortable talking to other humans? Would you consider yourself a high-energy individual? Are you a fast learner and a go-getter? Are you, yourself, a human?

If you answered yes to all these questions, then we would like to invite you to apply for our 'Awesome Human' part-time position at our escape room business, Human vs Room. Things that you'll likely find yourself doing:

- Greeting and hosting awesome people that are coming in to play our games

- Answering questions regarding our concept to new and experienced players

- Being ridiculously good at Customer Service

- Speaking on the phone with awesome people

- Being an awesome Game Master by giving clues, monitoring progress, and giving groups a top-notch escape room experience

- Learn a bunch about what it takes to start a business and making sure it doesn't burn down to the ground

- Helping out as needed

We are an owner-run business that is growing very quickly, and we can use your help as soon as possible. We will have 4 rooms up and running this year and the two of us don't have enough human replicators handy, so hiring help is a big must! We consider ourselves nice people that will help you gain very valuable experience in the work force for all your future endeavors. We also have bathrooms (required by law but figure we'd mention it).

If interested or know someone that could be, send us your name, phone number, and a short description about your previous work/school experience and why you would be fit to do a really good job to with the subject line "Application for Awesome Human".

If you are looking for more information about exactly what the heck we are talking about, feel free to visit our website at

It's going to be so much fun - and you'll get paid!