Mission Statement

Our Priorities

Hi again,

As we move closer to our launch date, the team at HVR would like to share its Mission Statement. We want to be a successful company that will last for hundreds of years in the Lehigh Valley, and we feel that a strong foundation needs to be laid out for us to achieve this. We believe these 5 main points will get us there:

Human vs Room is committed to bring a first-class establishment with incredible Customer Service

This is the biggest thing we control. Puzzles will break, plumbing will burst, hail will fall, and a squirrel-bitten power line will cause power failures. However, we will always have the ability to serve all of you with first class Customer Service. This is our biggest priority - period.

Human vs Room will always have a big focus on all its Employees

We believe a job that a person will love is something real and attainable. A happy workforce is a happy customer base. The leadership team at HvR will challenge itself on a daily basis to make sure all of our employee's needs are met, and prioritize the creation of a safe, fun, and proud work environment that will be hard to match.

Human vs Room will create an ever-changing, always fresh, and extremely memorable Escape Room Experience

We don't want our product to suck. The team at HvR will always strive to make the best Escape Room experience possible. Our commitment to Research & Development and Design will be of the highest magnitude, and we will bring ever-changing Escape Rooms and experiences on a regular basis. Competitors will be jealous.

Human vs Room is committed to forming strong relationships with the Local Community

From fundraising, to charity, to strong bonds with local businesses and schools, the team at HvR strives to become a staple of group fun in the Lehigh Valley. We want to be a tool for businesses, a learning experience for schools, and a source of entertainment for charitable organizations, friends, and family alike.

Human vs Room will always be fun for everyone, including ourselves

Look - if you are coming to our location, you are looking to have fun. If you don't have fun, we have failed miserably. We are going to be darn sure that you have fun. It's going to be fun, OK? It's going to be so much fun you won't be able to stop talking about it. The amount of fun you'll have will be ridiculous. If you have fun, we will have fun. But seriously, Human vs Room will always be fun - no excuses.

We are excited to start serving you soon.

The Team at HvR


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