A little history on Escape Rooms

Let's get you caught up on how it all started

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As our subscriber base continues to drastically grow, we wanted to say hi to all the new signees, as well as give all of you a little bit of history on how Escape Rooms came to be, where they are now, and why we think Human vs Room will be a big destination for the residents of the Lehigh Valley.

The Beginning

Although there isn't a specific time and place that anyone can point to, the most well-documented Escape Rooms began their life primarily in Eastern Asia (China and Japan.) These games were mostly born out of an attempt to bring point-and-click adventure computer games to real life. It all started by placing a person or group of people together in a room with a common goal. Through the years, this concept became what most of us refer to as an Escape Room or Room Escape Game, and quickly spread throughout the world (especially in the US in the last year or two.)

The Now

What makes the Escape Room concept so much fun is that the common goal can literally be anything. Although a lot of establishments call themselves Escape Rooms, the goal can range from finding a key to a locked door in order to escape, to stopping a device from functioning within an allotted time without the need of unlocking a door. Each establishment can have a very distinct experience unique to its owners or the history of the location. The possibilities are truly endless. It's as if a brand new genre of games are starting to become available in real life, and that's making us have a pretty material nerd freak-out.

What this means for us

Human vs Room is our mission to bring this brand new experience to the people of the Lehigh Valley. The owners of HVR are long-time LV residents (one of them happens to be writing this silly letter,) and we see this as an opportunity to bring a revolutionary form of entertainment to the area. We have always viewed the valley as a place with great people and so much potential for fun things to do. Yes - the Sands is a fun place, and Costco is going to be fun too (if you really love buying in bulk,) but we think our experience will be a special kind of fun. We want our patrons to walk into a Room with a smile, and leave with a bigger one. And no, we won't pump laughing gas into the facility.

Anything I can do?

Start spreading the word.

As we near our opening date, we want to see as many of you as possible when we first open our doors. We want to infect you with our excitement, and give you all something to talk about for a long time. Tell your friends the greatest thing of all time is coming to town, and the world will end if they don't join you as soon as we open. Tell your coworkers that the greatest team building exercise ever conceived is going to be available nearby, and that you want to synergize yourself so hard. Tell your family that you want to show them how much you love them by bringing them to the most fun place in the universe.

We would turn down the hyperbole a bit but it's becoming pretty difficult. We simply can't wait to share what we've built with you.

Crucial details to come. See you soon.

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A shout out to Dr. Scott Nicholson and Wikipedia users for some of the information that was used in this letter.