The story behind Doomsday Bob

"Bob - hurry up! We don't have that much time left!" An anxious voice emanates from Bob's walkie-talkie. "Are the TPS reports ready or what?!"

Bob, a typically mild-mannered Senior Reactor Operator quickly going mad, is sweating with frustration. "30 years I've been here. All it's been is TPS this, TPS that. I've had it with these people". Bob's last 3 decades have been nothing but long nights keeping the reactors at the facility from melting down. His constant stress from preventing the world from utter destruction have gone seemingly unnoticed, and yet all he's had to answer to is his timeliness on his TPS reports.

"If only they knew what would happen if I actually stopped caring" Bob whispers to himself as his brain quickly begins to snap. "30 years, and no praise for keeping everyone alive by preventing a nuclear meltdown. Not even a damn thank-you note. You know what? It's not worth it anymore. You can all screw yourselves!"

Without any hesitation, Bob initiates the 60 minute sequence that will trigger a nuclear meltdown, which will end in 59083778723 trillion Gigawatts of energy being released into the world, assuring total world-wide destruction.

"How about that TPS report now, huh?!" Bob yells as he runs out of his office, maniacally laughing as he makes his way outside the facility.

The Meltdown Prevention Taskforce (you and your group) have been summoned to stop this catastrophic event. The code needed to stop the meltdown from happening is somewhere in Bob's office, but due to his madness Bob has made a game out of saving the world by creating puzzles and clues that will lead to the solution.

Does your team have what it takes to undo Bob's inexplicable act?