Our Name and Logo


Not bad, right?

As with any Human at the time of its birth, we thought it would be appropriate (and frankly necessary) to give our company a name and logo. The priority was simple - to distill the essence of an Escape Room to its fundamental minimum, and attempt to communicate that as quickly and efficiently as possible to your gorgeous eyes and faces.

And yes - we did spend more time than we'd like to admit on getting this part right. Let's try and break down our thought process on how the name and logo came to be.

The Name

We started with a simple question - at its core, what is an Escape Room? Is it some sort of game? An exercise? A race? Self-inflicted mental abuse? Although 'yes' is the most likely answer to all those questions, the fundamental aspect of an Escape Room become clear. In our eyes, it is a race between two entities - a Human (or group of Humans) and a Room. At its core, each entity is attempting to one-up the other in the span of 60 minutes. It is a tussle of intellect, wit, and cleverness (pretty sure that's a word,) with the winner of the duel having the distinct honor of being forever immortalized in Escape Room lore.

And thus, the name Human vs Room was born.

The Logo

We wanted to approach our logo in the same vein, so we took the name and attempted to give some depth to each word.

When thinking about 'Human' we asked ourselves this - what do all Humans share in common? How can we graphically show this in a logo while keeping it dead simple? Sticky was born pretty quickly after those questions - and yes, we named the stick figure on our logo (aw.) All humans share a head, a torso, two arms, two legs, and have the capacity to stand upright. Monkeys do so as well, so we made sure we gave Sticky a big ol' head to show its brainpower, which by the way is one of the most fundamental needs for an Escape Room. And see how his/her arms are pointed upwards? That's a pretty universal way for Humans to display happiness or victory (I'm sure there's a study somewhere that proves that.) Our goal is to do everything in our power to ensure one of the two is an experience that you encounter at our establishment. The other one is up to you.

The word 'Room' was a little tougher. We thought about showing a square, but were concerned that most people would think of it as a box. Human vs Box; the heck is that, right? We do think that name has potential in the cat demographic though. Ultimately, we thought using a door is the best way to capture the essence of a room, since most rooms require a way in and out. We wouldn't want to be anywhere near a room that doesn't have a door, and would never put any of you in that situation either. This enabled us to use color to show the mystery and intrigue of entering an Escape Room for the first time (entry way in black,) and the use of red to create a nice contrast which makes the logo pop (mainly for marketing purposes.)

To wrap up the logo, we drew a line at the bottom of Sticky and the door to prove that levitation was still a work in progress, and included the name to ensure clarity and association between the two objects. We carried the color combo of red and black to bring the same pop and contrast to the name, as well as keep the color scheme intact. And yes, there's correlation between the colors on the words and the graphics, but we will save that for you guys to decipher.

It has been a pretty neat experience for us to get to this point, and we are incredibly excited to show all of you what we've been working on.

As they say - the hype is real. Stay tuned.