Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Escape Room?

An Escape Room, Room Escape Game, or Escape Game is a live interactive game where a group of humans have to work together to solve puzzles, find items, follow clues, and find the final solution to the room to emerge victorious. Humans will have a time limit of 60 minutes. Those that are able to complete the goal before their time is up will be remembered for their achievements and grit. Those that fail will still have a blast.

Will I be locked inside a room?

No. There will always be a door or mechanism which you are free to use in case of an emergency.

How scared will I be during the event?

Not scared at all - our rooms are not made to elicit fear. Although "scary" is subjective, we do not make any of our puzzles, games, or events with fear in mind. There will be no actors in the rooms to touch you. It will never be too dark. There may be suspenseful or exciting moments throughout the game, but nothing that would be categorized as scary. Unless of course you think one of us is that ugly.

Where are you guys located?

4210 Fritch Drive, Bethlehem, PA 18020

Check out our about us page for more information.

How do I book an appointment?

You can do so through this website by clicking here. If you have any questions about our availability feel free to send us an email here or at

Is there a limit to how many people I can bring with me?

The max allowable humans per room is between 10 and 4 depending on the room - humans only.

How much do you charge?

Our standard weekend rate is $25 per person plus PA Sales Tax (6%). Contact us for more information regarding pricing during our non-regular hours for special events, team building exercises, or other fun stuff you'd like to do with other humans.

When are you guys open?

Our standard hours of operation are Friday 5pm to 10pm, Saturday 12 pm to 10 pm, and Sunday 12 pm to 6 pm. These hours may change week-to-week as we are an appointment-only business. We also have availability during weekdays by appointment for special occasions, events, and outings. Email us for more information or visit our team building page.

How early should I arrive for my game?

We require humans to arrive 15 minutes early so we can run you through our concepts, brief you on your game, and run through the list of stuff you should and shouldn't be doing (theft, property destruction, stuff like that).

When should I be accompanied by an adult?

If you are under 16 we require you to be accompanied by an adult. If you are 16 or 17 years of age and are not accompanied by an adult, we require you to bring a parent signed waiver.

Can I bring any food or beverages into the room with me?


What if I have little humans with me - is there an age limit?

We do not have a strict age limit, but our puzzles are geared to humans of at least 12 years old. However, if you do bring humans under the age of 16, you must book all of the slots for the room.

What's your refund policy?

All transactions are final. We highly recommend you do not book unless you are sure you and your party can make it. This is specially true for special events during the week where we have to open the facility and staff during our non-regular hours.

What's the parking situation like?

We have free on-site parking along with 2 accessible parking bays. We recommend carpooling whenever possible, but parking should never be much of a problem. If you happen to own a Tesla we have 2 destination chargers charging at 24-30 miles an hour.

What if I have an emergency during the game and I need to leave?

We will allow you to exit the room but there will be a chance that you won't be allowed back depending on the progress and your absence from the room. We won't be able to offer you a refund if you cannot make it back in.

Do you offer any accommodations if I or someone in my group uses a wheelchair?

Yes - we have ramp access as well as 2 accessible parking spaces, and our facility can be fully navigated (including the rooms themselves and restrooms) by humans with special needs.

Will I be punished if I fail?

Of course not. Your friends might make fun of you, but that's about it.


Occasionally Asked Questions

Do you offer packages for large parties?

Of course we do you silly goose - email us for more information regarding special accommodations, or if you are planning an event, outing, or team exercise.

What about events or outings for businesses or corporations?

We are awesome for that as well. Check out our business page for more information.

Can you transform my office or conference room into an escape room?

We can! We offer experiences where we turn most spaces into an escape room experience. Contact us for more info.

What if I don't have enough people to fill up a room?

That's no problem. However, keep in mind that the less humans you have with you the lower your chances are to solve a room, so do so at your own risk of frustration and tears. You could be paired with another party if you aren't able to hit the room limit on your own.

What if I want an entire room to myself?

You will be required to buy all available spots for any given room, which ranges between 10 or 4 depending on the room. Also, if you are on your own, good luck.

What happens if Leonardo DiCaprio throws his well-deserved Oscar at my car, shatters my windshield, and makes me late?

First, you call him out for being so silly and congratulate him for his long-awaited recognition. Shortly after that, we ask that you give us a call so that we know to hold the room for you, otherwise we will open up the room for any potential walk-in humans. Unfortunately, we won't be able to wait forever due to multiple sessions that will be running after your appointment, and will have to start the game without you if there's other humans already present.

What if I booked an appointment and I never show up?

We keep your money (sorry).

Am I going to be recorded?

No - there is no active recording equipment in our escape rooms. We do use 2 live cameras and 1 live microphone per room to monitor each group's progress so that we can facilitate hints and clues when needed or intervene in case of an emergency, but these devices are never recording and are purely used for monitoring purposes.

What if I'm claustrophobic?

We do not recommend our games for humans that suffer from extreme forms of claustrophobia. Although our spaces are not tight by any means, we do advise some caution. We ask humans to let us know about their sensitivity in case you do want to try our experiences so that we can pay extra special attention in case of an emergency.

Are you going to make me sign a waiver?

Yes - unfortunately we cannot be responsible in the very unlikely case of injuries or deaths that happen during your game. We ask that you comply with our policy and sign a waiver (signing up for a game automatically binds you to the waiver, but those under 18 must supply a parent signed waiver if not accompanied by an adult). However, we are willing to bet that you will be just fine.

Alcoholic drinks give me superpowers. How many alcohols should I have before my game?

Although we've personally taken full advantage of the 21st Amendment of the US Constitution in plenty of situations, a large number of studies have shown that alcohol can impair cognitive function. We can't control what you do before your game, but be aware that your brain will be used a lot during your experience. If you are trying to break records, we recommend coming in as sober as possible.

What if I like wearing nice clothes - will you make me regret my decision and want to impale you with a sharp object?

Nope - short of an Air Conditioning malfunction, our activities are not designed to make you sweaty or dirty. However, we will not stop you if you decide to do jumping jacks for 60 minutes.

You guys kind of suck. Where can I send an email to help you get your stuff together?

Send us an email.

Also, we're really sorry and promise to get better :(

Is there anything else I should be aware of?

Please don't break and steal stuff - we have cameras and can see you.

The rooms aren't designed to be climbed.

We discourage the use of cell phones during the game - we expect them to be either turned off or in your pockets on silent at all times. Besides, you should be focusing on solving the room.

None of the furniture in the rooms are meant to be moved. That includes doors, carpets, and trims, but may exclude objects on walls.

The electrical outlets are live and are not clues - for the love of all that is holy don't stick anything in there.

and lastly...

Tell all the humans you know about your time, and make sure to touch base with us often to find out about our new experiences.