4,000 square feet of awesome.


4210 Fritch Drive, Bethlehem, PA 18020

Set in gorgeous Bethlehem Township, our 4,000 square foot facility offers ample space for humans with free onsite parking for 23 vehicles, in addition to ramp and full wheelchair access.

We are located seconds from Route 191 and 22, and are minutes away from downtown locations in Bethlehem, Allentown, and Easton. Check our cool interactive map for the exact location of our facility and nearby points of interest.

We also have bathrooms (required by law but thought you should know regardless).

How did this whole thing come about?

The idea of Human vs Room was initially brought to us by a group of friends who had visited an escape room. We immediately began researching what the whole "escape room" thing was and instantly became intrigued with the concept. After visiting an escape room establishment we thought it was a very cool and unique experience. Being that we are both gamers, the work involved to plan concepts and designs for different rooms quickly became an obsession.

There wasn't an escape room in the Lehigh Valley area when we did our research and thought it would be amazing to bring the experience to our friends and neighbors. The more we worked on it, the more we fell in love. It wasn't long until we decided to pour our all into what is now Human vs Room, and are looking forward to creating a new and exciting attraction that will add to the charm of the Lehigh Valley.

Hey - we are humans too.

As a long time fan of video games, Farzad was immediately drawn to the concept of Escape Rooms. In forming Human vs Room, his priority was simple - to bring a first-class destination and recreation establishment that the Lehigh Valley can be proud of. Hobbies include eating, playing video games, obsessing over Tesla (the car maker, not the band), and did I mention eating?

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An artist and writer at heart, Cindy found tremendous artistic potential in the concept of Escape Rooms. The ability to tell a story through objects, clues, and puzzles was an addictive draw that was extremely difficult to ignore. Hobbies include reading, writing, playing video games, art & design, and making sure Farzad doesn't eat too much.

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From left to right: Co-Founders Farzad Mesbahi and Cindy Moonsammy

From left to right: Co-Founders Farzad Mesbahi and Cindy Moonsammy