Operation 26

When you find out your best friend never actually left the country for his 21 day vacation in Southeast Asia you begin to grow suspicious. You call - nothing. Email - no answer. You decide to track his phone instead. Last location - a plastic surgeon's office right outside of the town you both live. The nurses refuse to give you any information and claim they've never seen your friend, and the police can only file a Missing Person's report. You find that waiting is no longer an option and decide to take matters into your own hands.

You gather a group of friends and decide to break into the plastic surgeon's office. What you discover will shock you.

Coming soon...

Two major announcements are coming!

Hello again WORLD.

At Human vs Room, our priority is to offer a great time for friends, families, and coworkers. We not only focus on the quality, challenge, and fun factor of our escape rooms, but we also try our best to deliver best-in-class entertainment and amenities outside of the escape rooms themselves.

We just launched our brand new lobby that helps house upwards of 60 people - perfect for corporate retreats, large parties, and having 60 people within one space staring at each other (some people enjoy that, don't ask me).

In the next few days we will be announcing two super exciting additions to our facility. In true nerd fashion, we have listed a word jumble puzzle to rewards those willing to waste their time figuring this out.

Super exciting news #1


Super exciting news #2


New lobby is up and running!

Hello world.

We've completely redesigned our new lobby. We've optimized it for two major things:

1. Bunch of room for large parties, corporate retreats, and jumping jacks.

2. Looking cool.

Come check it out.

From Us to You

From the team at HVR, we would like to extend our well wishes to all of you during this holiday season.

Also - a picture of Moe, the official mascot of Human vs Room.



Online Store Now Open!

We are very happy to announce the opening of our online store, where you can buy all kinds of awesome Human vs Room merchandise.

Try not to get too excited - buy this shirt instead.

Human vs Room Official Shirt for Humans
15.00 20.00

Buy this product to wear on your torso area while displaying the official Human vs Room logo with Sticky and Doory. Can also be used as a rag or cleaning tool.

Wrinkles included.

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The story behind Time-Traveling Jen


A woman's voice emanates from a cracked-open door as it begins to close. "I hope they like some practical pranks, because this one might be my best!"

Jen, an entirely normal human being who happens to have an incredibly rare one-of-a-kind time machine, has a knack for playing practical jokes on her friends. Her latest number involves taking very excited groups of people to the past and promptly leaving them behind in time, much to the overall dissatisfaction of the groups involved. The trick is even more insulting since the time machine is fully accessible from the past, but its door happens to be locked.

Being that Jen isn't an entirely evil person (only partially), she makes the decision to leave clues and puzzles in the past for her unsuspecting "friends". These clues typically lead them to figure out the code to open the time machine door to come back to the present. As you can imagine, she still has "friends" stuck roaming around in the past.

However, this time Jen has made a crucial mistake with your group. She forgot to enable the Time Vortex Disarticulator, which prevents the space-time continuum distortion field from changing the rate of speed of time when traveling to the past. This means that your group is now experiencing time at a rate 1,000,000 times faster than normal.

Given the current rate of technological advancement, your team only has 60 minutes to open the time machine door and make the journey back to the present before the world that you live in becomes a dystopian future ruled by robots.

Can you do it?

NOW HIRING - Awesome Human(s)


Are you comfortable talking to other humans? Would you consider yourself a high-energy individual? Are you a fast learner and a go-getter? Are you, yourself, a human?

If you answered yes to all these questions, then we would like to invite you to apply for our 'Awesome Human' part-time position at our escape room business, Human vs Room. Things that you'll likely find yourself doing:

- Greeting and hosting awesome people that are coming in to play our games

- Answering questions regarding our concept to new and experienced players

- Being ridiculously good at Customer Service

- Speaking on the phone with awesome people

- Being an awesome Game Master by giving clues, monitoring progress, and giving groups a top-notch escape room experience

- Learn a bunch about what it takes to start a business and making sure it doesn't burn down to the ground

- Helping out as needed

We are an owner-run business that is growing very quickly, and we can use your help as soon as possible. We will have 4 rooms up and running this year and the two of us don't have enough human replicators handy, so hiring help is a big must! We consider ourselves nice people that will help you gain very valuable experience in the work force for all your future endeavors. We also have bathrooms (required by law but figure we'd mention it).

If interested or know someone that could be, send us your name, phone number, and a short description about your previous work/school experience and why you would be fit to do a really good job to info@humanvsroom.com with the subject line "Application for Awesome Human".

If you are looking for more information about exactly what the heck we are talking about, feel free to visit our website at www.humanvsroom.com

It's going to be so much fun - and you'll get paid!

Get ready for The Witch's Lair

A 4,000 year old being has been living in a random building in the town of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Her magical powers have allowed her to remain hidden from everyone, but higher Musikfest ticket prices have eaten into her invisibility budget causing her lair to suddenly appear. In a moment of panic, the Witch runs out dressed in plain clothes to work out a deal for her invisibility shield with a local provider.

As luck would have it, you and a group of friends accidently stumble upon the Witch's lair, but are suddenly and magically locked in due to a foreign person being sensed by the room. A spell that will turn you and your team into sandwiches begins to take effect, and you only have 60 minutes in order to escape before you are turned into lunch for the Witch.

Consider bringing some mayo for your potential life as a sandwich.

The story behind Doomsday Bob

"Bob - hurry up! We don't have that much time left!" An anxious voice emanates from Bob's walkie-talkie. "Are the TPS reports ready or what?!"

Bob, a typically mild-mannered Senior Reactor Operator quickly going mad, is sweating with frustration. "30 years I've been here. All it's been is TPS this, TPS that. I've had it with these people". Bob's last 3 decades have been nothing but long nights keeping the reactors at the facility from melting down. His constant stress from preventing the world from utter destruction have gone seemingly unnoticed, and yet all he's had to answer to is his timeliness on his TPS reports.

"If only they knew what would happen if I actually stopped caring" Bob whispers to himself as his brain quickly begins to snap. "30 years, and no praise for keeping everyone alive by preventing a nuclear meltdown. Not even a damn thank-you note. You know what? It's not worth it anymore. You can all screw yourselves!"

Without any hesitation, Bob initiates the 60 minute sequence that will trigger a nuclear meltdown, which will end in 59083778723 trillion Gigawatts of energy being released into the world, assuring total world-wide destruction.

"How about that TPS report now, huh?!" Bob yells as he runs out of his office, maniacally laughing as he makes his way outside the facility.

The Meltdown Prevention Taskforce (you and your group) have been summoned to stop this catastrophic event. The code needed to stop the meltdown from happening is somewhere in Bob's office, but due to his madness Bob has made a game out of saving the world by creating puzzles and clues that will lead to the solution.

Does your team have what it takes to undo Bob's inexplicable act?